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It's More Than Just Sports, It's a Lifestyle!





MiLife Basics:

  • 7 Week Seasons + Sponsored Bars
  • Shirts Included
  • Mid-Season Theme Weeks
  • Playoffs For Qualifying Teams/Sports
  • Trophies, Banners, Shirts, Sweatbands... 
  • Equipment & Facilities Provided
  • VIP Food, Beer, & Liquor Specials
  • All Coed, All Super Social, Ages 21+
  • Post-Game Bar Activities
  • Social Events & Parties Throughout The Year
  • Meet Friends/Network By The Hundreds

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MiLife Sports | Ann Arbor 

#PlayInTheA2    |   #MiLifeSports 

MiLife Sport & Social Club is perfect for the Ann Arbor Mi, surrounding areas 21 and up, professionals. We offer a unique opportunity to meet other physically and socially active adults. Ideal for people who may have recently moved to the Ann Arbor Michigan area or just looking for a reason to get out of the house on a weekday! From DodgeballKickball, Softball, and Volleyball to Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Bowling, everything we do is coed, and everything is super social! 

How We Do It:

One night a week, you and your coed team plays a fun, non-competitive game of a coed adult sport. After each game we all meet at our partnered bar for clubs social happy hour(s), where we receive VIP food and drink specials!

We Keep it Social:

For people who love sports, but LOVE to socialize! MiLife Sport & Social Club(Ann Arbor) keeps you active, introduces you to tons of new friends in Ann Arbor MI, and gets you out of the house on week nights. MiLife Sports is where A2 comes to play!  

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